Personal Camp-Week One

After today’s ride outside, my first week of training camp will be done! Monday morning was the start of a run focus training block, and I jumped into it right away with two that day. It’s amazing how great you can feel for the second run of the day after a good solid nap.


That’s been one of the staples in my diet the last week, having a nap every day! Especially on days where I’ve had 3 workouts, NONE being recovery. The first time I’ve done some major running like this, especially with friday’s double run and a swim day, which included a rather painful 80min Fartlek run in the late morning, coupled with a hard track workout out at UBC in the evening with some of Bjoern’s athletes and other Lifesport athletes. Bjoern made sure we ran hard, and I was surprised that I could even walk, let alone put out some decent splits on the track. This seems to be the week of self-discovery, I’ve learned I can push myself harder and further than I thought!

The biggest smile crossed my face this camp when I found out it was going to be sunny today, as today is one of my long ride days. It is absolutely beautiful out, and I am super excited to finally jump on the bike and ride in the sun. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the fact that riding indoors on the trainer is SOOOOOO boring, and very monotonous! Especially when you have to do it almost every day. Living in BC, and not somewhere that is warm year-’round (see- Arizona, Texas,) we have our fair share of ugly days. And probably a bunch of others’ shares as well. One thing I was thinking about as I hammered out a hard brick run yesterday, was electrolyte use while on the trainer. I mean, I know a lot of people only use water while on the trainer, but think of how much you sweat! That accounts for electrolyte loss (more for some than others,) and water alone doesn’t replenish that. So after a 90+min hard workout on the trainer, that’s a substantial loss. I’ve been keeping on top of that (especially when I have the brick run after, don’t want to go in to that depleted,) using some E-Load heat endurance formula (gives you some calories to help out near the end too!)

Just food for thought.

Time to get outside and absorb a solid dosage of Vitamin D! My favourite way to take it:)

Enjoy the sun people, looks like LOTS AND LOTS of snow starting wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Personal Camp-Week One”

  1. Nathan – I love your blog, please keep us posted as you continue on this road to success!As always, we will see you in the pool whenever your coach gives the green light.

    ps- don’t forget to nap & eat & nap & eat!!!!

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