Survived the Mountains, time for the Streets.

After an absolute body SMASHING last weekend at the Nimby Fifty Mountain Bike Race, I’ve managed to lick my wounds and take stock of all the damage. Other than an absolute ass-whooping and humbling (yes, the word humbled is being used to it’s full capacity here,) a pile of bruises, and a little bit more bleeding than I’d have liked, the only real lasting damage was a poke to my ego (which completely disappeared about 25minutes into the race.) I was there to have fun, and (for the most part,) that’s what I had. I gained a lot of respect for those downhill maniacs, they made me feel like a small child standing at the top of the DH sections, watching in shock and awe as they seemed to completely defy gravity. What an experience.

top of one of the climbs. Photo courtesy of Jon Anthony.

Next time I sign up for one of these, I’ll actually find out how technical it is BEFORE I do it.

Next up, this sunday I’m in my favourite place to be, Penticton! A very generous friend has let me crash his pad while I prepare to race the Oliver Half Ironman this sunday, an event I did my first two years of triathlon, and one I’m bloody excited to go back to! They always put on a great event, and the weather is looking good. I’m feeling good as I can, and as long as I get my dose of Vitamin D out on the race course, it should be a stellar day. At least sun will warrant smiles all day!

Good luck to ALL my teammates in their upcoming racing, especially all those brave souls heading to the ITU Long Course World Championships in France. Looks like less-than-ideal weather conditions, but that’s never stopped a bunch of Vancouverite BAMF’s from kicking some foreign ass. Go get some!!!

Till next time, happy training and good luck at the races!