The things I put on my feet……

Tomorrow marks the 1-week-out point for my next Half Ironman, the Subaru Victoria Half Ironman. I haven’t raced there for 3 years, so I’m excited to return, as this is my absolute FAVOURITE run course I’ve ever been on. I ran a 1:16 on the course 3 years ago, and I hope to smash that number next week. If today’s demolition of my ride/brick is any indication, than I’m well on my way for such a feat.


That being said, in a few weeks will mark another anniversary for me; 3 years ago I started working with the guys at New Balance Vancouver, and it’s been an awesome ride with them. New Balance has come LEAPS and BOUNDS with the innovation of their footwear since I started with them. I thought I’d highlight a few of the kicks I’ve been using.

The 205 sprint-to-the-line

First, my all-time FAVOURITE shoe for short-course racing, the WCRC 205 KIMBIA edition. The KIM edition is just the colour scheme (classic, clean look,) but these baby’s pack some serious speed. They fit like a glove, you ALWAYS feel like they’re trying to push you to go faster, and they’re lighter than air. I’ve outfitted them with my usual suspect of elastic laces.

My favourite long-course race-flat is the NB1400, it’s a BAD ASS looking shoe (they make a few different colours, all are kick-ass!) It’s also light (with the NB Revlite foam sole,) but also has enough cushioning to get you through a marathon. I use this shoe for any speed training, most races, and essentially anything that’s 90mins or less. They feel great on my feet, and don’t leave my legs feeling pounded after training or racing in them (well, not any more than they SHOULD feel!)

1400 in action, a PB half marathon

For long distance training (anything over 90mins,) I used to use the 890. But since they’ve come out with the 890 V2 (version two,) I’ve fallen in love with them. They last the long haul, and they are LIGHT to boot (thanks to the NB Revlite foam sole!) I really love the neon green colour, it’s louder than I am (and that’s LOUD!) I will probably end up using these shoes for the marathon in Ironman Canada this year (yeah, I’ve decided to join the big-boy races for this season,) which should help me get through the 42.2km’s as fast as possible.

890 V2, sexy green!
Giro Mele Tri

The other day I picked up a new pair of Giro Mele Tri shoes, from my favourite bike/tri shop around ( Speed Theory Vancouver.) They have been love since first ride. These are easily the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn on a bike, and they are LIGHT as hell! Two straps make them hug every contour of my foot, so NO hot-spots pr rub points (I blasted them today for 125km’s outside, and it was like a vacation for my feet.) They look rather dashing as well, don’t you think? Who doesn’t love a flashy silver shoe? Might bring back some memories for some folks…….

Remember these???

Hope training and racing is going well for everyone! Today was the Boise 70.3 race (which, in fact, wasn’t a 70.3, as the weather was so abysmal that they shortened the bike to 25kms,) where a bunch of Team Ossenbrink members raced. They had great performances considering the weather, which saw about 1/3 of the pro field not even start, and some people even wore their wetsuits ON THE BIKE it was so cold! Now THAT’S COLD!

Happy training everyone!