2012 is HERE!

FINALLY!! The Christmas craziness is over, and reality is setting in that the new year is here. The over-indulging is finally over, the weight gain has ceased (hopefully! But it’s actually important to gain a ‘little’ bit over this time of year, to help keep you healthy going in to this season.) Back at it all over again, right? I hope everyone had themselves an outstanding holiday season, and has their goals for 2012 all lined up, with a framework on the go to achieve all those goals. Is it to do your first triathlon? To get faster in one of the disciplines, or maybe to win your age-group at particular race? 2012 will be a great year, and I hope everyone is off to a good start. Already back in full swing, Bjoern and I have set forth some lofty goals for this season, and I’ve been putting in some big workouts to set up a solid base of fitness! The next big item on the block is my HUGE one month training camp in Tucson, with the speedy up-and-coming pro Jonna Trexler. It’s going to be exciting, especially considering it will be a month in the heat (it’s snowing right now, and at that time of the year it’s usually absolutely dirty ugly weather in Vancouver, nothing but cold and rain.) So a perfect getaway from the gross, and to log some monster miles!

Sizing at Speed Theory Vancouver!

In prep for the season, I’ve decided to jump on a new Cervelo S2 and a P3C (thanks to Speed Theory Vancouver for the hook-up,) to help me achieve my goals and race results! The P3C is awaiting the final parts (yes, a little bit of customization is in order!) but the S2 has arrived in the stable, and has already seen a few solid rides. Wicked ride, just slices through the wind, comfortable as anything too. The P3C will be a rocket ship for sure, I’ll be posting pictures up once it’s joined me at home base.

The New S2 in the ‘Pain Cave’

Another thing I need to get myself for the upcoming season (and I gotta get on it SOON, as my first race is coming up in May!) is a custom race suit. Even though I’m racing mostly half Ironman, I think I have my heart set on a one-piece suit this year. Wondering what peoples different views are on a one or two piece race suit, and the reasoning behind their choices? Also, what brands/models are people using, and what is your feedback on the suits? Always about decisions, decisions. So many options, such as, what color should I go with? Maybe a sleek white/black combo to match my P3C? Or go nuts with something vibrant and neon, and get a matching neon Rudy Project TT helmet? Some ideas would be much appreciated!!!

Maybe this colour?

On a different subject, triathlon is something that has become a big part of my life, and I hope to keep fitness as a large focal point of my life all the way to the ‘end’ (if that’s politically correct?) in order to keep my health as high as possible. I came across yet another interesting little article (thanks Jonna) that proves triathlon (and keeping very fit in general,) well into your later years will not only keep you healthy, but also keep you YOUNG! So maybe the key to staying ageless is to keep going with masters training and racing? Have yourself a read HERE about the “Incredible Un-aging Triathlete.”

Hoping everyone’s having a great start to 2012, have some fun in the snow (unless you live down south; in that case, damn you and your hot sunny weather!!!)


ps. just kidding about the damning. You’re missing out on some killer cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and absolutely MIND BLOWING scenery for mountain running ;-P