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A little overdone: Challenge Penticton Race Recap

Just STOKED to survive last month’s Ironman Canada

Last month, on July 26th, I raced in my only 2015 iron distance race, at Ironman Canada. It’s a day that I care not to remember, leaving me with a new pain threshold for cold weather; after suffering through hypothermia on the bike, I somehow managed to soldier on and finish the race, 6th overall and top Canadian. When people ask me what it was like out there, I simply tell them this: imagine it’s 8C out, pouring rain harder than you’ve ever seen it (and it rains A LOT in Vancouver,) you’re driving on the highway, sitting on the roof of your car, and you’re naked. Very, very naked. And you’re driving fast. Continue reading A little overdone: Challenge Penticton Race Recap

Challenge Penticton Race Recap

In 2013 I didn’t have a great day at Challenge Penticton. In fact, due to seemingly endless mechanical issues, I didn’t even make it to the finish line (the details HERE.)  I vowed to come back in 2014 to get across the finish line, and that I achieved! Unfortunately, getting to the finish line didn’t quite pan out how I had hoped…..

Kids race medals
Handing out medals for the Fun Run 5k and Kids Race, in usual fine form, with Jeff and Karen.

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It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense: Subaru Vancouver Half Ironman Race Report

Everyone makes decisions in life. Everything from where they want to live and what career they want to work, down to what they want for breakfast and which underwear will feel best with their favourite trousers. Last tuesday, only 9 days removed from Challenge Atlantic City (a full Iron distance event: 3.8km (2.4mile) swim, 180km (112mile) bike, and a full 42.2km (26.2mile) marathon,) and only 5 days out from the Subaru Vancouver Half Ironman Triathlon, my coach and I made the mutual decision that I was so well recovered from the Atlantic City experience that I should race the Subaru Vancouver Half Ironman Triathlon.

It seemed like a great idea at the time. Seriously, what could go wrong? Continue reading It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense: Subaru Vancouver Half Ironman Race Report