Absent for a while…..

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything new, and let me tell you I’ve been doing my best!! I’ve missed race reports (Vancouver Half Ironman, Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3, Kits Challenge 6km Open Water Swim,) and NOW I have the Ironman Canada report coming up (which I PROMISE will go up soon!!!) I’ve been bloody busy moving into my new place (which, for those of you who’ve tried to work & train full time as well as completely move in to a brand new place, it gets slightly busy!) But the BONUS has been my damn computer has decided to crap out on me!! Lucky!! So what have I done??? I’ve decided to join the Apple family and finally get a MacBook Air (although refurbished, I’ve been guaranteed it’ll work just as absolutely PERFECT as if brand spanking new!)

So, stand-by for a short while, and all sorts of ridiculous and colorful photos of me racing My first Ironman will splatter the pages of this blog, including all the excitement and events leading up to (and gee-whizz was there EVER a lot of that!)

MONSTER thanks to those that helped me out with the new computer 😀

Happy training y’all!! Looks like winter is almost upon us.