Race Nutrition Fuelling Plans

Does the nutrition aspect of racing an Ironman cause you to get cold sweats and drop into the fetal position???

As if racing an Ironman (or ANY distance) isn’t daunting enough, there’s a ‘4th Discipline’ to triathlon that is (you guessed it) fuelling and race nutrition! It can be a challenging learning process to figure out your personal nutrition needs for each race distance and discipline. After the hundreds of hours you’ve put into training, why leave your nutrition on race day to chance??? Doesn’t seem like a good investment of your time, now does it? Through my partnership with the AJ Baucco Coaching Group, I offer complete Fuelling Plans, which cover every distance from Sprint to Ironman, as well as Half and Full Marathons. It’s a comprehensive plan that outlines your specific needs through the process of sweat testing and building outwards from those results. I take the time to carefully design your plan, and deliver it through PDF and an audio conversation. This will help you prepare for your training and racing, to perform to your potential!

How much will the fuelling plan cost?

There is a ONE-TIME FEE of $150 USD

This includes:

  • Initial consultation and questionnaire
  • sweat testing
  • a comprehensive PDF fuelling plan document
  • a phone conversation to explain the document and how to implement the plan in your racing (and usually some ‘extras’ about how to be successful in your race!)
If you’re interested in Full Service Coaching, be aware the Fuelling Plan is INCLUDED as a part of the service. If you’re interested in a Fuelling Plan, Coaching, or want more information, please feel free to reach out and contact me below:

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