HUGE Excitement for 2013!!!

Nutrition: it plays a vital role in every aspect of human life, especially for that of an athlete. Good nutrition will help us maintain good health, and keep us performing at our absolute best performance. It prepares us and fuels us through long, hard days of training, and lets our body effectively repair itself after we continually break it down. That being said, I am EXTREMELY excited to announce my acceptance onto the Powerbar Team Elite, for 2013!!! I will be working with Powerbar, to fuel me through what will hopefully be an absolutely outstanding season of training and racing. The races haven’t been decided yet, but there will be a good focus on the long course racing this year, while I prepare to improve on my debut Ironman performance. Powerbar will have my back, and I know their line of fine products will get me to the start line strong, healthy, and ready to throw down. 

I hope everyone else is having an exciting week, enjoy the slurry of rain headed our way (I know I will be!)

Is the off-season really over? Race report.

Holy WOW are my legs ever sore! It’s been 3 days since the New Balance Fall Classic Half marathon, and my legs are still feeling every one of those 21.1 kilometres (actually, it was 21.3, but who’s counting?)  That had to be one of the most painful things I’ve done in a long time (remembering that EPIC 250 wasn’t really that long ago!) Just starting up again after the offseason break (and a few too many treats,) doesn’t make a half marathon any easier. I won’t lie, it started to hurt right out of the blocks, and it just went downhill from there (then uphill, then downhill, then uphill again!) But I finished the race, with my usual epic kick the last 3km. I don’t know where it comes from, but I guess I always have some mysterious form of motivation to give it everything I have left for a solid hard sprint. No personal bests this time around, but a 1:21 was good for a top 10 finish, and most importantly, BOATLOADS of fun! Of course, I came out in my Sunday best, which included some neon green Compressport calf guards with matching New Balance 1400 race flats (favourite shoe EVER,) a Carlsberg headband (with colourful hair sticking out the top) that came from the World Cup in Europe, and my scary-as-hell Movember stache. Which, by-the-way, you can donate to my fundraiser at

Ready to RACE!

As always, I was most excited to be able to race alongside my Team Ossenbrink teammates. Rachel McBride had another solid race, taking the gold medal only a few weeks after her first ever Ironman 70.3 victory in Austin, TX. (She ALSO has an interview on the triathlete mecca known as; you know you’re the real deal once you’ve made it on there. Check out Rachel’s Interview.) All the rest of the team had a great day too, everyone had fun despite the high winds and rain. A bunch of the Speed Theory team was their as well, a great effort by everyone! As usual, the volunteers did a fantastic job, especially a few funny Mexican Muchachos at the turn around point (with, I might add, some fantastic mustaches!) Post race we went out to Juliet’s Cafe, for some brunch to celebrate Jenn and Christina’s birthdays. Juliet’s cafe never disappoints, it’s a fine joint to check out if you’re ever in Kitsilano.

Let the mayhem begin

Not the fastest, but definitely the best dressed

Post-race I was informed that the offseason is over, and this race kicked off the 2013 season. The difference between myself and most: everyone else is just ENDING their season; mine is just beginning. SO…..I figure I might have a good go at the rest of 2012’s races, and will try my hand once again at a muddy cross country race: the Gunner Shaw 10km. Dec 1 is race day, and it’s guaranteed to be a mud-fest of fun. I’m looking forward to the adventure, outfitted with some fresh spikes by New Balance Vancouver I should be able to rip around the slippery mess with ease. I hope to see a lot of friends out there partaking!

Till then, happy training, get out there in the rain 😉