Monroe, Here WE Come!!

6 days away from the next big race, and I’m starting to feel the nerves a little. My next excursion to the triathlon battleground is down in Monroe, Washington, for the ITU Pan American cup next Saturday. I’ll be traveling down with Elliot Holtham (another elite competing,) and I’m getting REALLY excited! My last big ITU race was a bit of a bust, (or a huge learning experience, glass half-full 😉 haha,) so I’m hoping this race will be a bit of a different experience. The field looks a lot smaller than Kelowna was last year, but still has some amazing athletes, many of whom can swim like a fish!! This seems to be my downfall, although my swimming has been improving lately (with careful guidance from Coach Bjoern.) Fingers crossed for a wetsuit swim this time ’round!!

This should be a good week, the focus is on this race. Hopefully the weather hangs in there for us, it would be great to have a nice sunny, hot day to race on!!

I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the sun this week, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!!! Hope it’s a great one!

Happy Training 🙂

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