Jericho Beach Swimming!!!

Last sunday was an AWESOME day out at Jericho Beach with the Lifesport Crew and Coach Bjoern!!! A solid hill repeat session of running, followed by the first ocean swim of the year in my new Nineteen Frequency SL wetsuit. Wicked suit, very thin through the shoulders, so NO restrictions. Coach floated around on his new blow-up kayak, making sure we swam hard enough, haha!

Me, Amy, Rachel, Andrew, Coach Bjoern (and yes, he DID wear the toque on the kayak,lol) Stephanie, Anita, and Elliot post-swim. It’s a pose-off!!

Then hit up only the GREATEST RESTAURANT EVER, the Naam!!!!! The greatest place around, all vegetarian/vegan food, the whole gang had some good eats. 

Get’s me ready for the next session;)

Thanks for the awesome training guys, SO much FUN in the sun at Jericho Beach!!! LOVED IT!!!

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