Back in the Desert

The home of Challenge Penticton

The desert. Generally conceived as a hot, desolate location, devoid of life and anything more than grains of sand and a few reptilian species. But not in THIS desert, this place is anything but. The vacation oasis that is the Okanagan is definitely my favourite desert in the world (sorry Tucsonians, your just too damn far away to take spot #1!) I’m back in Penticton for a training camp, a 2 week long venture to get some miles on the Challenge Penticton course (previously known as the Ironman Canada course,) as well as try to input some speed into my running legs. Coming into day two, I’m feeling great and looking forward to the rest of the training; this morning’s pool entertainment included watching the Women’s Canadian National Hockey Team race in the end lanes at the community centre. There’s always something going on around here!!!

Along with my training camp, there have been other exciting going-ons this weekend: My teammate Elliot Holtham, who’s recently recovered from an ugly bike crash in March that had him out since with a concussion, not only WON the Subaru Victoria Half Ironman, but smashed the previous course record by almost 6 minutes! Elliot is coming on strong this year, with such early season fitness he’ll be a force on the race course in 2013. I’ll be toeing the start line with Elliot at the Vancouver Half Ironman (also the Canadian National Championships,) which should be a great race. Hometown turf and (hopefully) a really solid field coming out, it’ll be a fast day. The Victoria race had a fair bit of media coverage, which is ALWAYS great for our sport! Including a ChektvNews spotlight, with an interview of Elliot, a well placed Team Ossenbrink jersey appearance, and the women’s winner Karen Thibodeau rocking a sick Champion System kit.  There were some other great teammate performances, including more top 10 finishes!

Video link: Chek News Video

He’s BACK!!! New course record.

There was also a little clip in the local newspaper, the Times Colonist (Victoria), link is here: Times Colonist Article

I can’t forget my superstar Team Ossenbrink Teammate Rachel McBride, who not only came third place two weeks ago in the ITU Long Course WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (yeah, 3rd in the WHOLE WORLD,) but followed that up by landing on the podium AGAIN this weekend at the Ironman 70.3 Berlin triathlon. What a stud.

Studly Rachel on the podium

I’m so proud to call these guys teammates, they are only two of the amazing group of athletes that I have to honour of working with. Surrounding yourself with strong and positive energy is the best way to improve not only your performance, but also your quality of life. When you look forward to getting together with your teammates to train, you know you have a great thing going.

Time to go hit the road, the sun is calling! Happy training and racing everyone, be safe out there 🙂


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