A new Dirt(y) Toy!

Michael’s Chiru

Is it really possible to own too many bikes? If someone ever tells you it is, they’re probably completely full of CRAP! That being said, my collection of rigs has dwindled down to the smallest number in many seasons, although I’m very sure that will change soon once I get my hands on a new TT bike. For now, though, I would like to introduce the newest member to my stable, a brand spankin new Chiru (made in France,) endurance HT 29’er mountain bike! Michael Wegner (the Canadian Power2Max dealer,) was so kind to lend his to me late last year, and after a few minutes on it I completely fell in love with it! Although a size too large, it was incredibly nimble and light on the trails, absorbing all the punishment I could dish out, even throwing some back in my direction (suffice to say it put me on my ass a few times, Elliot can attest to that!) After all the excitement it brought, I set out with Coach Björn Ossenbrink and MultiSport Science to build up a Chiru of my own. It’s finally arrived and I’m ready to test it out in my upcoming early season training camp, which should see some high volume and a few good mountain bike rides.

After ‘getting dirty’

With my new found LOVE for mountain biking, and my continued love for trail running, why not throw them together in the sport that I live and breathe for?!? This year, I hope to race in a few Xterra races, including Xterra Portland, and possibly Xterra Maui Worlds (granted I can bargain with them to let me come play with the Caveman and other big dogs!) The first race I’ll be hitting with the new Chiru will be the Dirty Duo, on March 9th (North Vancouver.) It is comprised of a 25km trail run and a 30km mountain bike (COMPLETELY ass-backwards for us triathlon folks.) Should be a kick-in-the-pants, but an exciting one.

Have safe and happy training out there in this early season; ease back into it, and stay healthy!


All MINE!!!! Right off the showroom floor at Multisport Science

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