Wow….people really read this?

Today was the Vancouver Half Ironman, and boy was it an amazing day! Once I get some photos from my dad (mum and him came out to spectate and CHEER their hearts out, along with dad’s fancy-pants new SLR digital camera,) I’ll do up a race report. I apologize for not doing a Victoria Half Ironman race report, I started my big move to my new place the next day (yet ANOTHER post that needs doing,) which pretty much had me booked from sun-up to sun-down every day the last few weeks.

But I digress. Yesterday at the expo I met a rather friendly fellow who said that he’s been reading and following my blog. Rather surprised, I had to have a few chuckles when he referenced some funny things I have posted in the past, some of them a LONG time ago! What surprised me most was that PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ MY BLOG! Granted I have a ‘page view’ counter, I mostly assumed that was people accidentally clicking on my links through facebook (kinda like those annoying spam ads.) The man said I went flying by him in a race, and he thought ‘KILLAM’ on the butt of my suit was some kind of motivation name or something (you know, “Kill’em!” And yes, in 25 years, I have heard EVERY variation and play-on-words of my last name. 5 year olds can be so cruel…….) But when he saw my name on the results, he googled me and found my blog. What really made my day was when he said he had gotten Compressport gear after reading how it had made such a huge difference on my racing, training, and recovery, and had used all the information and tips that I have imparted in my rather random blogs to help him with his training and racing. I find the most joy in helping others (example: a friend of mine met a German cyclist racing in the BC Superweek Delta Criterium, but was unable to race due to a damaged bike frame. I lent him mine, and he went on to podium on it during the race last night. Awesome!) So to find out my blog has a positive impact on even ONE PERSON makes me want to continue posting and blogging, even if they are usually rather random things.

So, here’s to me trying to blog more. No promises, but hopefully enough exciting things happen to me that I can keep you entertained, and I find enough time to ACTUALLY put it up here. But that’s for another post.

Cheery-o, enjoy the ridiculously AWESOME weather going around! You should be OUT THERE enjoying it instead of reading this!

Happy Training!


2 thoughts on “Wow….people really read this?”

  1. Hey Nathan, saw you on the road today, so googled you.

    You’ve got quite the amazing story, I look forward to following your further progress.

    Keep it up!


  2. Hey you posted again! And I made it into your blog, cool! A big thank you for continuing to inspire and entertain by sharing your experiences. Can hardly wait for the Victoria and Vancouver race reports. Have a good race this weekend and, of course, Kill’em!

    See you in Sooke,
    The rather friendly fellow

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