What happens in December, stays in December

Christmas, it’s the best time of year! Well, it’s my absolute favourite time of year, that’s for sure. It always means dinners, gatherings, and good old-fashioned parties with friends and families! Not even half-way through, and I’ve gotten up to all sorts of things already! First, there was a poinsettia incident. I can bake you almost anything, but trying to keep a plant alive? Not my forte! I’ve been told poinsettia’s are difficult to kill, but I managed to end the life of some poor thing in only a day or two. Sad really.

This spring, I was asked to partake in the filming for an indoor cycling video, SpinFocus, by my good friend Jordan Hurdal. It was a lot of fun, although I only participated in the outdoor portion of the filming. Well, Jordan recently asked me to ride in one of the studio spin sessions, and how could I say no? I think the seller was the fact there would be a room full of good lookin’ ladies, and a kitchen of food 🙂 He knows the way to an athlete’s heart, that’s for sure! It was a blast, we spent a few hours filming. The videos should be finished fairly soon, and trust me, they are solid sessions!

In the spin focus studios!

One of the most exciting things to happen yet, was the Team Ossenbrink Christmas party. Partly because it was with an awesome bunch, but mostly because it was at MY HOUSE! The first party I’ve ever hosted, EVER. I am a big fan of the christmas decorations, I like it to feel very festive, and I tried to go pretty all-out. Maybe beginner to some, but I was pretty happy with my efforts. For my first kick at the can, I’d say successful. Now there are more to come every weekend until the big December 25, which I’ll assist in hosting at my parents house. Absolutely LOVE this time of year! Even though I’m lacking a douglas fir or charlie brown in my living room, I was able to get to my parents house for the annual mulled wine and tree decorating (and for the record, my mum makes THE BEST mulled wine around.) What a treat.

Today was the first day in months I’ve ridden the roadie outside, and what a day to go out! It was sunny the whole time, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone out there today with a bigger smile. I’d attribute the smile to a few things, one of which being that my power numbers were excellent for this time of year, and two being that I recently received an invite to race in the 2013 Abu Dhabi Triathlon in March!! WOO was I ever excited!!!! I am hoping I’ll be able to find my way there, but it will be an absolutely amazing race to do. The perfect way to kick off the season as well.

Anyways, it’s time to pack it in for the evening, happy training everyone, and Merry Christmas!!!


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