Was it the last race?

So, I originally thought that Vancouver Triathlon would be the last race of the season. Then I’d have my usual few weeks off, then get into the off-season base building.

But this, evidently, is not the case.

Let me start by saying, I am extremely dedicated to my goals in triathlon, and they are, at the moment, all short course goals. Some are short-term goals, some are long-term goals. But all short course goals. That being said, I started triathlon racing the half ironman distance. All season I have been focusing on short course racing, while watching a fair amount of my friends race in the longer distance races. I’ve been curious as to how I may fare in a long course race, having stuck purely to speed training over the summer, whether or not my speed would be able to hold itself up in the longer races. Well, it appears I’ll have an answer to that question soon enough.

After much pondering, and some light convincing (Jimmy,what have you done!!!!) I’ve decided to end the season (for real this time,) with a fun race, one of the long-course variety.

Austin 70.3 Texas.

I am going to race it purely for fun, going in without any big expectations, just that last kick at the can. It should be a good time regardless of the outcome (although a good result would make my dietary splurges post race that much more satisfying! One more scoop of ice cream?) I’m going down with a friend of mine, as well as my coach. Looks like Jeff Symonds and Anthony Toth will also be racing. You can bet I’ll be cheering for them on course, hopefully they can bring home some gold. Canada REPRESENT!! The bonus: sun and heat in october! Weather will be very warm while we’re down there.

Since I decided to race, my training has been more endurance focused. Wow it’s been a while since i put in the big volume weeks like I have the last few, just putting in the last big push until my taper starts next week. For instance, today i harassed my body with a 3200m swim, followed by a 145km ride (4:30, avg speed 32km/hr,) with a 30min brick run off the bike (8km.) A really wicked day, but definitely different to what I’m used to. I feel a little more worn out some days, especially after a few big days of training.

I’m looking forward to the race, it will be a blast no doubt. Rest assured though, I still have every intention of racing ITU and short course next season, so after Austin it’ll be back to the drawing boards to make sure I get where I want to go.

To go the distance, you gotta take it one day at a time.

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