Tucson Training Camp Wrap-Up: SUCCESS!

Already REALLY missing swimming in the sun! Hillenbrand Aquatic Center at the U of A campus.

After 3 weeks of incredibly sunny training in one of my favourite training destinations, I’ve returned home a little worse for wear but positive there’s been some solid gains made for the season. I’m excited to be able to go back with Jenn in less than 5 weeks, for another 2 hard weeks of training. Returning to the rainy weather here in Vancouver is a tough pill to swallow, but I’m making the best of it.

No matter how many times I climb Mt Lemmon, it NEVER gets old

I decided to make a short little video to highlight the training camp and all the things I got myself into over the miles. I hope you enjoy it!

Halfway up Mt Lemmon, just above Windy Point

HUGE thanks to all my incredible sponsors and support team for helping me get to and through Tucson in fine form. Thanks to the folks at Quintana Roo for getting me a bike quickly on short notice, and huge thanks the the crew at Speed Theory Vancouver for getting the bike built last minute, it rode like a dream! Thanks to Champion System for clothes on my back, they kept me comfortable over the miles. Thanks to Compressport for helping me make the most of my recovery time, and making traveling as pleasant as possible. Thanks to Powerbar for keeping my fuel tank all filled up through all the miles. Thanks to Dave at Distance Runwear for keeping my feet in the fastest and most comfortable footwear possible, my Pearl Izumi N1’s (on a side note, wearing them through a rocky canyon will beat the bejeezus out of them!) A huge thanks to coach Björn for directing this big show of a camp, and helping keep my focus where it needed to be. Thanks to Jesse and Amy for putting me up at your sweet digs, and a special thanks to Jenn for putting up with me disappearing yet again for weeks on end.

This sunday is the UBC triathlon, which I’ll be competing in alongside many other local athletes. It was my first ever Olympic distance race 7 years ago, and this will be my 5th time racing it. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but I’ll be ready for whatever craziness gets dished out.

Riding with the Gang, enroute to Mt Lemmon

I hope everyone has been enjoying this late winter weather, have a blast out there and stay safe!


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