Time for SPEED

My advanced taste in ‘style’

After a little bit of recovery from training camp, it’s time to download some speed in to these legs! Last Saturday’s 5k helped to kick that off, and with next weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day 5k closing in, I’ll be sure to have a bit more ‘kick’ for the race. Just found a photo on the VFAC website from the Dave Reed Classic, yet more proof you don’t have to be the fastest person to win style points!

Looks like the Bajong Bars are a big hit with Coach Bjoern, perhaps they could end up being the energy bar of Team Ossenbrink! The new Chocolate Peanut Butter Chew GF bars are absolutely delicious, and the Apricot/Date/Blueberry bars are STILL unstoppable! Lucky me, there are a few boxes on their way to Tucson for me, courtesy of Jennifer Bajus, to help keep me going while at camp. Going to be a great time!

On the race front, today was the UBC Triathlon/Duathlon, and my fellow teammates had some great results: Stephanie Ossenbrink went out and CRUSHED the competition in the Olympic, Tamasin Reno did similar in the Duathlon, Elliot Holtham pulled in a close second in the Olympic, and Gregg Ambrosi finished 7th. Outstanding early season work, I foresee some outstanding results this year from the Team!

Happy training, spring (and the warmer weather it brings) is right around the corner!

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