Taking The Upsides of the Upsets……

I personally like to take the positive spin on things, something that at least a few people can second. Hence, I’m taking the bonus out of the upsets at Challenge Atlantic City two weeks ago: the best part of a dismal performance during the marathon, where my avg HR over the second half floated just below and above 130BPM (that’s low, for those who don’t follow their HR,) is an exceptionally quick recovery. That, and eating my weight in burgers and bacon the proceeding 24hrs post-race, has my legs feeling peppy and spunky only 1 week post-race.  After discussions with coach Björn, we’ve decided to add another race into the calendar before Challenge Penticton, one that has been a favourite of mine since my inception into triathlon, and now that I live in Dunbar, is quite literally IN MY BACKYARD: The Subaru Vancouver International Triathlon. I’ve been racing it almost every year, and through good and bad days, have always enjoyed the race and the people it attracts. Being less than a few minutes ride down the street, it’s the most ideal place to race, and this year shows some exceptional weather (high 20’s, possibly touching the 30’s later in the day.) My legs are feeling great, and this race will most likely go one of two directions: a completely successful performance, or a massive crash and burn. I’m hoping for the best, and only 2 weeks removed from my first completed Iron Distance race in 2 years, I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m ready to have some fun in my favourite local race, and with some solid athletes racing, including Andrew Russell of Victoria, BC (who just won Victoria 70.3 and will also be racing at Challenge Penticton in August,) and Jeremy Hopwood (another Challenge Penticton athlete,) it’s sure to be a good time. I hope to see many other friends out there, and with my parents coming down to watch (my favourite cheer section,) there promises to be many smiles throughout the day, whether it comes from a good performance on the course, or from the beer and burgers post-race 🙂 Happy training everyone, get out there and enjoy the sun! Below are photos of Vancouver through the years. Nathan

End of bike
Vancouver Triathlon, my first year. 2007 during the sprint, riding a 48cm road bike, with plenty of ambition and slightly less knowledge.
run loop close-up
2011, my first time in the Half Ironman at Vancouver.
Finish awesome
2012, my best time on the course to date, and my best placing, 2nd overall next to my teammate Elliot Holtham, who put on a clinic out on the bike course.
Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.28.20 PM
Last year’s race, 2013. All smiles, but was overcoming a bad illness and deep-set anemia, managing to go the same time as 2012, making the podium in the pro field.

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