The Support Network Grows Stronger

Training and racing in triathlon requires a lot of focus, hard work, determination, dedication, and down-right love of doing all the crazy things we do, day-in, day-out. It also requires a lot of time, equipment, and CALORIES. To keep healthy and on top of our game, there is a large support network behind each and every athlete, ranging from clothing and nutrition companies, our physical therapists (massage, physio, etc,) and even our family and friends, who give us positive encouragement and a good mental balance in life. My support network consists of an absolutely amazing group of people, that make what I do possible. I am incredibly grateful for the help, advice, support, and positive vibe of the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I think of them every day, which helps to motivate me that much more. 

Rocking my Champion System gear in Penticton
With that, I’m excited to announce two new members to my support team for the 2013 season: for my custom cycling, running, and triathlon race kits, I’ll be working with Champion System Canada. I’ve used some Champion System kit before, and it’s always been exceptional fit and quality. I’m proud to join their team, and will be designing my own kit to train and race in.
Champ System Team O kit during a bike fit
Secondly, for all my running shoes and equipment, I’ve joined forces with Dave and Meghan Cressman of Distance Runwear in Vancouver. Dave has me running in the Inov8 footwear, which I’ve used in the past. It’s a minimalist-style footwear, which helps increase your feel for the ground and natural running form. 
Dave and Meghan Cressman’s store, Distance Runwear

With these two additions to my team for 2013, it’s most certainly going to be my strongest yet. Time to get out there and train!
Wicked minimalist shoe selection at Distance Runwear
Happy training everyone,


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