The Re-Build to 70.3

Today was the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and what a day it was! The inaugural race in Las Vegas, a far more hilly and windy course than Clearwater was, had some outstanding results. The Team Ossenbrink members that made it down had some outstanding results, with Rachel McBride coming 11th place in the women’s race. That’s 11th OVERALL!!! IN THE WORLD!!!! Considering she only found out two weeks ago that she was racing, she performed outstanding. Stephanie Ossenbrink also raced very well, and the rest of the team made waves in their respective age-groups.

I have to give props to Jeff Symonds of Penticton, a friend of mine who I’ve known since I started racing, for coming 3rd place in what was the ‘race of his life.’ Coach Bjoern said he was just flying out there, and he hunted down 7 guys on the run, almost catching Chris Lieto as well, but he just seemed to run out of real-estate. Only his second World Championship, and only his second season racing 70.3, I think Jeff has more in him. We’ll see a #1 in Vegas from him in the next few years.

As for me, there is some exciting news!! For the past year I have been working with John and Lynne at Pacific Multisport, and they have been so supportive, doing everything they can to help me out. I thank them for all their support. Now I have joined forces with Jeremy Wilson and the Speed Theory Vancouver team, where we already have a Cervelo P3C on it’s way, for me to finish off the season on a new race rig. There are few things that excite a triathlon geek (guilty) more than a brand new shiny bike, especially something as fancy as the P3C. It should be arriving in the next week, and I will be racing it at Pocono Mountains 70.3, as well as Miami 70.3. Speaking of the 70.3’s, my build into Pocono is going extremely well. The weather is definitely helping, the sun is a great motivator to get on the bike. I’ve been logging some solid volume lately, and the numbers are all going in the right direction. I’ve been running in a new pair of New Balance 1400 race flats, which I will do a review on shortly. Basically, they are an awesome new tool for my collection, and they will be used in the upcoming 70.3’s.

I hope everyone’s been out enjoying the sun, keep the heat coming!!! Happy training:)

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