Thanking a bunch & Ironman Canada Photos

I have to thank everyone who’s instilled confidence in me for Ironman Canada, and especially all those who’ve supported me on any level, to any degree. Without the monster support from everyone, I wouldn’t have been able to perform like I did on the day. 

Special thanks to my family, who’ve ALWAYS believed in me; to coach Bj√∂rn and the rest of Team Ossenbrink, who’ve not only gotten me to the start & finish line stronger & faster, but have made it an absolute BLAST of a process; Eload for keeping me constantly fuelled and hydrated to my max; Nineteen for giving me the tools to swim fast; Jeremy and Speed Theory for keeping me riding and running smoothly all year, even through the tough times; New Balance Vancouver, you guys are the best!! Keeping my shoes fresh (I mean that in more than one degree haha!); Popeyes for keeping me supplied with everything I need to stay healthy; Compressport for keeping my recovery and performance optimal (maximum ‘support’ you could say!); Bajong Bar for keeping my supply of tasty snack bars ever refreshed; ECOS Coconut Water starts my day right, every day, and keeps my electrolytes and nutrients topped up; and Scott and Julie at Oomph! For making some phenomenal race suits!! 
I wanted to throw up some photos from the big day, as there were so many people out there shooting. Thanks a ton to Mark Bates of 321Photos, Jordan Bryden of Right Balance Photography, ‘Cousin’, and all the others who’ve sent me these amazing photos to post up.
I even made it into my local paper, check it out HERE.
Here’s the SHaw TV Okanagan Interview:
Interview with Steve Fleck. COOL!!!!
An idea of the magnitude of 2600 people starting together!
Splashedy-splash-splash, 5th out of the water!!

Starting out on the bike course
Probably one of my favourite shots by Mark Bates, this is well done!
Beautiful shot from ‘Cousin’ climbing Richter!
Yet more great shots from Mr. Bates, at the top of Richter
A little TdF-style ‘crazy running fan’ action at Yellow Lake

Finishing the bike, by Jordan Bryden
‘Cousin’ & Charlene, CHEER SQUAD!
They were EVERYWHERE during the race!
Running most of the marathon with Matt Sheeks. Pretty much a ‘Running Party!’

Wicked shot by Bates, not far after the run turnaround
the last few km’s…..
High Fives for anyone near the finish!
A proud moment: you can’t see, but Charlene (my triathlon mentor, taught me most of what I know and got me started in triathlon,) is tearing up because she was so proud of me. It meant a lot to have her there cheering me on. Made the day that much more special!

A few videos from Kimberly Appleton, who was out on the run course to push us on:

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