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Innervoice.life Feature!

I know it’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I’ve posted last, that must be a new record!?!? So why ruin a good streak you ask? Because I owe it to YOU, the reader, to fill you in on the crazy amount of awesomeness that’s been going on the last year! There’s so much…..but lucky you, I’ll be getting you all the ‘ADHD Updates’ shortly so you’ll be fully updated before you can say “SQUIRREL!”

But I wanted to share a piece that the amazing folks over at Innervoice.life put together, giving you a little deeper insight into what makes me tick as an athlete and a human being. It’s a great read, but if there’s anything you take away is that they gathered some SWEET photos, fluorescent yellow looks THE BEST on a kit, and that every day spent above ground should be spent living life to 100% of it’s potential.

Check it out here!