Stuck on the Road Side at Challenge Penticton

Having my favourite bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, pondering how many pairs of gloves I’ll need to wear to survive a few hours of riding in -4 weather (that feels like -8,) I came across a hilarious photo that reminded me of the crap luck I ran in to at Challenge Penticton last year. Some of you may know I had a ‘little’ mechanical trouble on course, with the end result being my first ever DNF. You can read my 2013 Challenge Penticton Race Report if you’d like to find out the details to that catastrophe. Ironically, finding this photo is perfect timing as I’ve just joined the Team at Quintana Roo and Litespeed, so my needs in this photo have been filled! Big thanks to my teammate Chris Young for the photo.

That’s me in the background, standing on the side of the road. Pretty much sums up my feelings at that moment!

Speaking of a new whip, it’s time to go saddle up and ride out! I think I’ll leave you with a little video to create a smile, and possibly brighten up a possibly dark, cold, snowy winter day. Happy training!


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