Releasing the Stable Back into the Wild!

It’s that time of year again!!!! Time to ‘release’ my trusty steed, the ‘White Lightening’ that’s helped me to not only some fantastic bike splits, but has brought me hours of extreme satisfaction on the roads. It’s a funny thing, riding is; I feel like I almost enjoy riding (and training in general) more than I do the racing! Don’t get me wrong, the racing aspect is one that helps direct my focus on particular dates, and keeps me pushing towards certain goals. But sometimes I feel like I race to justify dedicating so much of my time to training. Nothing makes me more excited to get out of bed than the prospect of getting out in the sun to ride or run for hours, or hit the pool for a hard swim set. You need to have goals, of course, but I think I almost enjoy the process more than the outcome (the training more than the racing.) I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are many who think along the same lines; that is, how can we spend more of our lives swimming, biking, and running, with no particular goals in the schedule to justify it all?

Anyways, I digress. I have my 2012 P3C up for sale. A 54cm, Ultegra equipped machine of a bike! It’s nestled between two Fulcrum Racing T wheels (brand new,) with a lighter-than-air (almost) Easton Attack aero-bar set-up, with dura-ace bar end shifters and SRAM aerodynamic brake levers. A 172.5mm Gossamer crank (almost new,) with standard chainrings helps you throw the bike up hills like a champ. And for your seating pleasure, a new Fizik Arione saddle to park your tookus (it’s a word, google it!)

If you’d like to see the Craigslist ad (or maybe share it with a friend who’s looking for a bike,) check it out HERE!

The bike’s from Speed Theory Vancouver!

I’m asking for $3050, price is negotiable. This would make a SWEET rig for 2013, whether you’re racing an Ironman or short course. It was bought brand-spankin new from the always awesome folks at Speed Theory Vancouver, in March this year.

Happy training, enjoy the RAIN!


Easton Attacks: one-piece, SUPER light!
Fizik Arione Saddle

How awesome the bike looks at full speed!

3 thoughts on “Releasing the Stable Back into the Wild!”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s nothing more rewarding than an amazing race result, but the part of the sport I really love is the training and lifestyle. Congrats on some amazing race results this season!

  2. Don’t tell me you will be riding a P5 next year… I would be super jealous. Nice offer with the P3. Unfortunately, I don’t have 3k on hand 😉

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