On the other side of the fence…..

Just over a week since my last race (LeadmanTri Epic 250,) the offseason is in full swing. Er, let me try that again: the offseason has come to a dead halt. Yes, that’s right, there is pretty much NOTHING happening right now! For someone like me (for those of you who know me,) this seems like a most impossible of tasks; waking up everyday with no real schedule, outside of actually GETTING OUT of bed, and eating? As a typical type ‘A,’ you’d think “no way!” But it’s true, I swear. Other than a few swims with Team Ossenbrink (which I relish, and count down the time ’till I’m there,) I’m just filling my time with ALL those things that just never seem to get done during the season (you know, the things that you need done but say ” ah, I’ll get around to it in the offseason!”)

It’s tough, but (surprise surprise) I’m actually enjoying it. It’s giving me a physical (and mental) break, allowing me to recover in all aspects, and makes me eager to get back at it when I ramp it back up again. This is the first season I haven’t raced until the end of October, and I think the early break will allow me to go into next season fresher and stronger, earlier. Some people might think taking a break is counter productive, but it’s not. A lot of the worlds most elite follow a ‘complete rest’ cycle, here’s a great read.

Lots of people ask me, “so, you’re really not doing ANYTHING?!?”


But I’m really not. I’m getting stuff done, and enjoying it as well! For instance, today was the inaugural Surrey International Music Marathon, with multiple bands playing along the course (my pipe and being one of them, at the 12.5km & 33km mark.,) and I was there bagpiping and cheering like mad! I tell you, it’s amazing being in a race and having friends and strangers alike scream your name out and cheer you on; it’s BLOODY fun to be part of the cheer section though!!! It was an absolute blast, and I encourage everyone to get out and cheer their friends and family members on, if they’re going out to race! The best part was there were so many friends of mine racing:

– My New Balance Vancouver Teammate Drew Nicholson crushes the Marathon, with a PB setting 2:36 marathon;
– another New balance teammate, Chris Barth, held it together for a solid 2nd in the marathon;
– Nicole Kolstad (who is becoming quite the triathlete this year, new to biking and running,) ran her first ever and pulled in a 3:41 full marathon;
– Team Ossenbrink Teammate Andrew Powell pulled out a deadly half and made second overall;
– Jordan Back, Jenn Turner, Kevin Lunnie, the list of friends who had stellar races goes on and on!!! (jeez I hope I didn’t forget anyone, my apologies if I did! Memory of a goldfish doesn’t serve me well.)

Bam-Bam stick cheering!

It was great to be out there to support all my awesome friends, in a hometown race (one of the few in my hometown, and the only one in the district I grew up in, Whalley.) Loud bagpipes, and the even louder ‘Bam-Bam’ sticks (yellow sticks in the photo,) are the best ways to be heard! Glad I could share the amazing weather with everyone, and give some cheer back to those who always cheer for me.

Time to pack for the annual hunting trip with the folks, and fill the freezer with some more food! I’ll be falling off the face of the earth for a while, but I’ll be back soon enough, eager to get going!

I hope y’all are having a great fall, happy training everyone!!!


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