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Waffles: NOTHING better!

…would it surprise you, at all, to know a cookbook is my new favourite book? If it does, it shouldn’t. ‘The Feed Zone Cookbook,’ by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim, is a phenomenal little book that will give you all sorts of ideas to fuel you right, whether you’re taking off on a 6hr cycling adventure, or just kicking back for a day of relaxing. I’ve been trying out some of the different recipes, my favourites being adapting the pancakes into waffles (with my awesome waffle maker, generously donated to me by Rachel McBride, another waffle aficionado!) Also, I’ve been starting my day with a take on their Sweet Rice breakfast bowl, it’s a real treat! If you head down to Multisport Science Inc you can find it locally, at a great price, along with a few other hardcovers to dive in to. I’ve also started reading Scott Jurek’s ‘Eat and Run,’ it’s been great so far. An added bonus is that Scott has recipes for tasty snacks and meals throughout the book, making it difficult to put down.

After a pretty solid week of training, including some of those long, mentally draining indoor trainer sessions (that leave you feeling like a candy bar wrapper that’s been crumpled up and thrown on the floor,) it’s time to recover up a bit and do some cooking and baking to prepare for a weekend of christmas parties. This has to be the best time of the year, getting together with all your friends and family to celebrate with good food and even better company.

Have a great week everyone, be safe out there (looks like snow might be in our forecast!)


Suffering now = gains in 2013

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