New Coach, New Season, New Goals

So it’s been a while since my last post, and a bunch of stuff has been going on since then!

First off, I’m happy to announce that I’ve started working with Bjoern Ossenbrink of Lifesport Coaching, a very experienced professional coach that I believe will help me take my training and racing to a new level. I’ve been working with Bjoern since the start of December, and things are very exciting! I’ve been looking at the race calender for the new year, and it looks like a few of the local races races will be the rust breakers, possibly including UBC Duathlon and the North Shore Triathlon. Then I’ve been looking at the new 5150 Series (from the WTC,) to use as my “A” races. I will be competing in the pro division, and would really like to qualify for the newly designated 5150 series championship race, the Des Moines, Iowa, Hyvee triathlon. It has changed from a draft-legal ITU race, to a non-drafting WTC race. The non-draft suits me better, my swimming isn’t exactly top of the field! I’ll take another kick at the ITU can with Kelowna Nationals, and possibly the San Francisco and Texas ITU Continental Cups. Nothing is concrete yet, but at least something’s in the works.

Second, I’ve gained sponsorship from John at Pacific Multisport in Vancouver, on Main street between 27th and 28th ave. Fantastic shop, he has everything you need and more to enjoy the sport, so go on in and check it out.

My swim has been going well, I’ve had a few solid swims this week which are very promising. But I’ve had a few phenomenal runs in the last two days. Yesterday I had a super solid 21km run around Mundy Park in Coquitlam, and it was only a 90min run. I coupled that with a very good 60min brick run off a hard bike session today, running 14.5km.

These are the workouts that are going to make the difference next season, putting the hard work in during the early pre-season. Now I’m looking forward to a ligher recovery week, and I’ve been assured by coach that the next building block will be a fun one. I cant wait!!!!

Time to bake some tasty cookies and spread some holiday cheer! Everyone enjoy the festivities!!!


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