Neoprene = smell retention

Today was my second day in a row swimming at the stunning Buntzen Lake Reservoir! I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the lake (^^see previous posts as to why^^) and I don’t think I could ever get tired of it!! Its beautifully clean water, picture-esk landscape, what more could you want?? Oh yeah, NO POWER BOATS! So much safer than other GVRD swim spots.

Today was busy as it was the long weekend (labour day long, for those of you reading this that aren’t native to Canada, eh.) The lake had an assortment of people in dinghy’s, canoes, and all forms of flotation (but no Open Water swimmers!?!? It’s like after Ironman Canada, nobody ventures to the lake to swim?) What made my day was, as I started my return trip across the lake, an inflatable dinghy started to ever so slowly creep up beside me. They eventually pulled just ahead of me, but within a km of shore, I started to pull ahead of them!!! I managed to make it to shore ahead of them, and I make my claim of BEATING an electric-motor-powered-dinghy across the lake (regardless of whether or not their motor was running out of juice; I like to think it was at full-charge!!) Coach would’ve been proud, the dinghy got OWNED! Good news for my lead up to the LeadmanTri EPIC 250 on September 22nd (5km swim, 223km bike, 22km run = 250kms.)

I also learned that the inside of a wetsuit does an absolutely excellent job of retaining smells. Whether its the fresh scent of Lavender, or some ungodly noxious fume, it holds it all in, until that moment when you pull away the front of your suit and it’s released into the atmosphere like the contents of Pandora’s Box upon all of humanity (or, more specific, anyone within a 10ft radius!) That’s all I’ll say about that. Don’t want to cross that line of TMI (although I do happen to be a habitual line stepper.)

I leave you with a pleasant photo, and bid you adieu! Happy training folks!


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