Filling all the ‘spare time’…

Fall and winter usually means just a ‘little’ more time on my hands, once the race season has finally ended. No more logging 20+hrs a week (and a lot of time that’s JUST on the bike!) No more endlessly wishing there was 25 hours in each day, trying to find time to do even the most BASIC of tasks outside of training, sleeping, and shovelling vast amounts of food in my mouth (just to keep me going.) You know what I’m talking about. The off-season and pre-season training is always a lot lower volume, so there seem to be a few more ‘spare hours’ through the day. Not that I don’t love them, but I seem to be able to get myself into mischief if left to my own devices. Sooooooooo…….I usually try to fill the void with creating new kitchen masterpieces (or disasters; it’s usually a black & white affair, either things work great or they fall flatter than a poorly made Yorkshire Pudding!) or READING. I’m sure there will be more posting to come shortly about my culinary adventures; I’ve not done much blogging about my creations, but I’ve found blogging is a good distractor in keeping me out of trouble when I have a few minutes too many to spare. So stay tuned to see the outcomes of my baking and cooking (both good and bad!)

Now, onto the reading part of my time-consumption: on my recent hunting trip, I needed something to keep me entertained for the 18 hours of driving to get there and back. Instead of my usual podcast selections (which I ALSO had with me,) I decided to try out an audio book. I had it on good measure that “The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at all Costs,” by Tyler Hamilton, was a great read (or listen, in this case.) It was quite the eye opener, it goes pretty into depth about doping in pro cycling. Fantastic. 
Unfortunately, I’ve finished with it, and need something else to ‘get my read on!’ So, if anyone can suggest some good reads, post them up! Doesn’t have to be sport related, although it’s never a bad thing 😉 For those who haven’t read “The Secret Race,” it’s a great book, and I suggest it as an off-season read!

I recently saw an awesome bike video, looks like a fun way to ride. So I leave you with this:

Happy training everyone,

3 thoughts on “Filling all the ‘spare time’…”

  1. Did you read Born to Run (Christopher McDougall)? It’s THE book on running, been smiling when I run ever since I read it.

    A rather nice fellow

  2. Born to Run was a GREAT read, I really enjoyed it! I’ll have to get Chrissy’s book, I’ve heard great things. I’ve also heard Ryan Hall’s book “Running with Joy” is a great one too.

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