EPIC Races mean EPIC Training Days……

As the D-Day countdown to the LeadmanTri Epic 250 in Bend, OR, gets closer and closer to zero, I am starting to realize that the huge early-season volume I’ve already done is starting to pay off. That being said, EPIC has a bike portion further than anything I’ve EVER ridden in the past, so there is quite the sense of the unknown going in to it.

“It’s only 43km’s further than an Ironman bike leg,” is what I’ve commonly been told. Well, if you’d have told me that about 100m’s from finishing Ironman Canada’s bike leg, I’d probably have brought fourth a plethora of indecent and inappropriate language that would put me in any referee’s black book! But, alas, “I live for this shit,” so on tuesday I embarked on an EPIC training ride, that could only be made so with the accompaniment of the amazing ‘Tiger,’ Rachel McBride.

Finally finished the second time up Seymour!!

Coach Björn wanted us to try and replicate the EPIC ride, and with the big climbing involved for the race, that meant only one thing.

Mount Seymour.

Twice. (okay, so technically TWO things.)
Rachel proceeded to teach me how to get my ass completely handed to me while climbing a steep-ass mountain, which I graciously accepted as the Purple Climbing Machine slowly rode away from me. We practiced some race nutrition, and even made an unconventional stop for a ‘nutrition testing session,’ (at a place that I used frequent regularly, but haven’t been in a LOOOONG time!) It was glorious.

It was a fantastic day, the sun was out to keep us warm (it actually got pretty warm by the end, it was FANTASTIC practice as EPIC is supposed to be close to 30 celsius by mid-race.) I had such a blast with my Team Ossenbrink teammate Rachel, it was a perfect pre-race testing ride. After over 200kms, 7+hrs in the saddle, and over 3500 meters of climbing, I was left with a positive taste in my mouth and a boatload of confidence for the big day coming up.

Only a few big sessions left ’till Rachel and I head down to Oregon to shake things up, representing Canada (in our classic stylish flair!)

Happy training everyone, get out in the sun and enjoy while it’s still here!!!!!


A little unconventional nutrition experimenting with Rachel 🙂

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